A lot of people I know use JetBrains IDEs for development, but it seems like few have heard of my absolute favorite plugin: Key promoter. In this post I tell you why you should install and use it right now.

Remember Those Keybindings!

Key promoter is a plugin for all of the IDEs including IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, WebStorm and more.

Sample NotificationKey promoter reminds you of the keyboard shortcut for an action that you perform with your mouse. This is a very useful way to learn those keyboard shortcuts and keep your hands on your keyboard. If you use your mouse to perform an action that doesn’t have a keybinding 3 times, Key promoter will suggest that you create one.

Configuring key promoter

Whenever I install it, I always go to the preferences and enable it for everything.

Key promoters default notification is ugly. I think this is actually by design, because I don’t want to keep seeing that ugly thing; yet another incentive to remember keybindings. Luckily, it’s just HTML and totally configurable so you can have a ahem kinder experience.

If you use any JetBrains IDEs, I highly recommend you give Key promoter a try.

Got any IDE plugins you can’t live without?

If you love Key promoter, spread the word!

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