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Anyone looking to stay productive with their work, errands or chores keeps a to-do list. You need to have that to-do list available at all times and be easy to manage.

With that in mind, I am introducing an application that I think will help you with that: Cheqlist. A desktop application powered by Remember The Milk that does 2 things very well: make managing tasks very efficient and look sweet on your desktop.

What makes Cheqlist awesome

I wanted to build an application that I, myself, would use everyday. There are a few key features that would make that happen:

  • Adding tasks quickly using RTM’s Smart Add feature
  • Visual appeal and lots of room for customization
  • Easily search tasks and use RTM’s custom search keywords
  • Works on all of the major OSes: Windows, Mac, and Linux

On top of that, I think there are some things you’ll come to appreciate:

  • Easy-update: Cheqlist checks for updates on startup, and if you want to upgrade, it takes just seconds!
  • Free and open-source
  • A few “easter egg” features for those of you who take time to find them ;)

A quick look

I’ve created a short (3 minutes) introductory video to show you the main features. View it here.

Here are a few screenshots:

  • Smart Add
  • Task List
  • Lists
  • Settings

Try it out!

What you need:

Other resources

Having trouble installing on Mac OS 10.8 “Mountain Lion”? You have to update your GateKeeper settings to allow applications to be installed from anywhere (under System Preferences > Security & Privacy).

Something missing? Having trouble? Visit the issue tracker or email me.

You can find more information on the official Cheqlist site.


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